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Children Development Centers

Two SSM Children Development Centres are open now in West Bengal State in India.


   Children in food time

            Together with our leader in India for this region, A.T.Thomas, we decided to start these CDC in two villages, Haldibari and Changmari. 

            These two SSM - CDC are the very first ones to be totally sponsored by Supplying Seeds Ministries. Each one of them will be taking care of 50 children of different ages. Children will be receiving five meals a week, uniforms, shoes, medical assistance and school tutoring provided by two teachers.

            We want to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all of your effort in taking care of those kids. We are aware that things had not be easy but we want to encourage you to keep helping them and to go deeper in your commitment to support those kids that because of you and SSM are getting now this assistance. 

            After a couple of hours of talking and projects, we were able to bring the costs in to a level that everyone could help. With only US$0.50 a day we can make the difference in those kids' lives and doing this, we are sharing The Life with them. 

            We are waiting to hear from you soon. 

                              See the pictures of SSM - CDC at our Media Gallery  / SSM - CDC / India/ Haldibari and Changmari  

            Be one of our sponsors and be blessed.

                        Supplying Seeds Board of Directors