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Mongolian Leaders In Action


                 Greetings dear partners and friends!

            It has been five years since God started our base in Bayankhongor. God is faithful to His work and His children. We are preparing to celebrate our 5th anniversary in June. You are welcome to come and visit us!

 DTS (Discipleship Training School)

            We want to share some stories about some of our students. This DTS is full of unique events. In this last school, most of speakers were Mongolians and their experience and lives in Christ encouraged our students. We have more male students, having more men is very challenging our staff to grow and even encouraging them. In the beginning of the school we had 13 students but now 5 of them have gone for different reasons. Now, eight students are learning about God in a deeper way. God is working individually in their lives. We are very delightful to see God’s amazing work in the students’ lives.



            He grew up in a rural area in Mongolia. He can’t read or write. Because of his condition, he wasn’t confident and didn’t have a hope for the future. One time he decided to go to Ulaanbaatar but his parents didn’t allow him to go. He went to Ulaanbaatar without have his parents’ permission. The big city’s life wasn’t pleasing and causes him to become a drunker. Eight months ago he accepted Christ as his personal savior. Now, coming to the DTS, he is learning about God as the living one and that he is valuable in Him. He got a desire to learn more about Him and how to plant a church in his native place.



            Like the other city guys, he loves fun and parties, but still, deep down in his heart he was searching the true God. He had a head injure because of car accident. As a typical Mongolian hoping to receive a healing, he visited a shaman priest. The shaman priest told him that he was supposed to become a shaman priest. Because he had a desire to know God, he accepted it. During three years he tried to become a shaman priest and spent a lot of money in it. It didn’t work out because of some spiritual conditions. One day he decided to visit a Christian church. On that day he heard the gospel and accepted Jesus as his savior and he left all his shaman priesthood and items. Now he is full of desire to know God in a deeper way. Please pray for him and for a strong relationship with God.


Sport Ministries

            Chess club is running well. Boldoo is teaching chess to sixteen kids and also to six adults. Kids’ parents are grateful for the club’s activity. Even though our chess club is a small thing for the local kids, we want to have more training in the future and to present Christ to them step by step.

            Oko is very happy and excited because the boxing club’s kids are full of success. In the beginning of April, six kids went to Ulaanbaatar to participate in a big competition and they were successful too. Beside boxing technique, Oko and Badmaa are helping them on their character development. By doing character training, they are teaching God’s way and Godly character as well. As a result of their work, kids are learning and actually trying to solve any problems they have by God’s way, forgiving others and trying to be faithful in little things. Recently, Oko is remodeling another room for the club but he is short of money. Please pray for it.


God’s Work In The Staff’s Lives

            First of all, we are very grateful to all staff members. Tumee and Ulzii studied SBS (school of biblical study). Now they are serving as DTS staff. Nandia is serving as SBS staff at the Erdenet’s base. She will come back in July. Now we need a translator staff. Zaya is learning English and praying attend a language course. Our staff members are growing in many different areas and being lead by the Holy Spirit. Please pray for them whenever you remember them. Sansar, Ulzii, Baljka, and Zaya are serving the local church’s youth ministry. They are in the leadership team of the youth group and leading cell groups. The youth group is growing and new youth are coming to church. Last week church youth went to Shargaljuut to spread the Gospel.

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