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Supplying Seeds Pakistan


          Supplying Seeds Ministries is honored to be working in Pakistan together with three local ministries. Working with local leaders and organizations help us to have a low cost budget ministry, but very effective.

            SSM – Pakistan and its team distributed medicines for purification of polluted water to make it drinkable to the people in the camps in flood affected areas that are still with no drinkable water and they are depending on the lakes and rivers for water to drink. This medicine will provide them a clean drinking water and save them from the water born diseases. We also distribute free gifts and clothes to poor and needy children and orphan children and we also gave free meals to feed the orphan children. These poor and needy orphans and unreached children really need our help and support.

         You are invited to join us so we can keep supplying their basic needs like food , water, clothes, shoes, shelter, medicines for water purification and other needs. Your prayers and financial support are required.

       Please keep us on your prayers asking our God to provide finances for Supplying Seeds so we can better assist people in Pakistan. 

       Be blessed


              You can see some pictures at our Media Gallery / Pakistan / SSM In Action

1- You can make a deposit of your seed in our banking account in the USA or in Brazil:


                Supplying Seeds Ministries                      

                                             Bank Of America                                                        

                                   Account # 383005542025                                             

               Proof Code 39 (Pennsylvania)                       


No Brasil - Claudia Sampaio

Banco Do Brasil

Ag. 3005-8

      Conta Corrente - 9471-4

2- You can send your check to:

Supplying Seeds Ministries
P.O. Box 20156
Scranton, PA - 18502 – USA


Dr. Joliam Sampaio, Supplying Seeds Board of Directors

If you desire to be our partner with SSM, just go to Donations and send us your seed's donations to Supplying Seeds. Together we can make difference in this country