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Sewing Centers In Pakistan


              Supplying Seeds Ministries in Pakistan now has a partnership with a Brazilian association and together we were able to open three Sewing Centers for Widows.

             One of these centers is in Faisalabad, in the state of Punjab, and the other two in villages close to Faisalabad.

           Our team in Faisalabad has been working in those villages, under the leadership of Pr. Ravi Daniel, with many uneducated girls, widow women, and orphan girls. Through these centers, we'll be able to assist this group of people giving them sewing skills and through this; they can sew their own clothes and also get hired to make clothes to others.

          It will bring a great impact in their lives and make their future bright and also get help for their families and children providing their basic needs of life like, food, water, clothes, etc.

        These first three Sewing Center for Widows in Pakistan were possible because of Supplying Seeds new partnership with the Brazilian Association of Evangelical Widows (AVEB). This association assists around 600 widows in Anapolis, state of Goias, Brazil. The widows get together for a weekly service in the association project main building and also for other kind of assistance they may need.

         After I came back from my last trip to Pakistan, I called Mrs. Dorinha (the CEO of this association) and shared with her about the importance of opening sewing centers to help widows in Pakistan and also made a challenge to her. I told her: "Why don't you show this project to your group of widows and challenge them to donate the very six machines we need to start these centers in Faisalabad?" Even though I knew she has poor and very poor widows in her group.

         Praise God! They accepted my challenge. During the meeting many widow women came to the front bringing their offering to buy the sewing machines. Some brought R$5.00 (US$2.70 or PKR$245.00) telling Mrs. Dorinha that would love to give more but that amount was all they had. Today, they are still bringing offerings to help and because of them, six sewing machines were bought.

          Now, I want to challenge you to help us to open more Sewing Centers in Pakistan. The cost of each sewing machine is about US$50.00 (R$100.00). More Sewing Centers have to be opened in villages we are already working.

           You can visit our donation page and send to us your special seed to "Sewing Centers in Pakistan.

           Please, see our Media Gallery to see some pictures from the new sewing machines. 

               Open your heart and let our God talk to you. Be one of our partners in this project.

1- You can make a deposit of your seed in our banking account in the USA or in Brazil:

Supplying Seeds Ministries

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No Brasil - Claudia Sampaio

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2- You can send your check to:

Supplying Seeds Ministries
P.O. Box 20156
Scranton, PA - 18502 – USA

Dr. Joliam Sampaio & Supplying Seeds Board of Directors

If you desire to be our partner with SSM, just go to Donations and send us your seed's donations to Supplying Seeds. Together we can make difference in this country