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Project In Afghanistan

           Afghanistan, a country that only words only cannot describe it.  You must go there despite the risks.

       Afghanistan population today is around 29,835,392 people (July 2011 est.). It is a country that according to UN is ranked in the 181st position with "Low Human Development" ( Their research shows that the Life Expectancy At Birth is 43.6 years and only 28% of its population in age 15 and over can read and write (male: 43.1% , female: 12.6%).
            A country that survived around 30 years of Civil War and some foreigner invasion, and you still can see destruction all over the city. Kabul, the country capital is a proof of that.
            Now SSM has a new challenge: to help 50 kids with one daily meal. These kids are already attending a school in the capital where they are taught in their own language and in English as well. They also have Computer, Arts, and Soccer classes. They come from a poor background and the lack of food sometimes is a great hindrance for them to go to school.
            SSM is counting now on someone like you, who has a big heart and willing to help so this picture can be changed. With your monthly seed of only US$6.00 (R$12,00 – Brazil) per kid, or with US$300.00 (R$600,00 - Brazil) for the whole project, you can help SSM to change this picture giving to one kid a daily snack during school hours.
            Join us in this Project in Afghanistan.
            See pictures in our Media Gallery of Teaching Oral Hygiene of some of these kids.

If you desire to be our partner with SSM, just go to Donations and send us your missions' donations to Supplying Seeds. Together we can make difference in Afghanistan.

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