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Supplying Seeds In Ethiopia


                 Greetings dear partners and friends!

            Supplying Seeds is now with a new partnership: Gideões Missionários Da Última Hora (Gideons Missionaries Of The Last Hour). 


Dear Visitor

          It is a great joy to meet you here in our website..

          Supplying Seeds Ministries aim to support national leaders that can, in a short term period, less financial support, get better results on sharing Life because they live and have in the same culture, habits, way of living, and language of their people. This support comes as a monthly or annual offering to those workers, leadership training, spiritual covering and support so they can do their work more efficiently in their own countries.

           We hope that these projects can touch your heart in such a way that from now on you can be not only one more visitor of this site, but someone who will be helping us telling other about our ministry and also sowing in these projects that bring the spreading out Life to the unreached people.

           We believe from the bottom of our heart that no ministry by itself can achieve the dimension of these projects without being working together with other persons, ministries and organizations. We also believe that you can participate with us so we can make things easier for national workers in all countries that we have been working inside the 10/40 Window, and in other countries like Brazil.

           Supplying Seeds is open to receive invitations to go and present its project. We currently have pictures of some presentations in the USA and Brazil, in our Media Gallery. Please feel free to contact us so we can go to your place and share our vision and projects. You can visit our contacts or send an invitation by mail.

           We are waiting for you to come and embrace these projects with us.