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Bhutan Youth Leaders In Training


         A new season is coming to this nation.

         Bhutan is going to be reached by young people full of dreams and new purposes.

         A short-term Bible Study Course was held in our base in Jaigaon, WB, India, last January. Seven students came from Bhutan. All of them were teenagers (13-17 years) and school going students. They had come to study the word of God in their winter vacation with a great hunger and enthusiasm. They came from a place where the teaching of the Word is lacking and sometimes even forbidden. The subjects taught in this course were: Bible survey, Evangelism, Worship and Christian Life.

          This short period Bible study was a great blessing to the students and the teachers as well. It brought a great spiritual impact on the students. They said that after attending these classes they came to know what means to be a real Christian. They also have decided to bring changes in their personal life, grow in their spiritual life and have expressed the desire to know more about the word of God. Now, after this training, they are willing to help their local church and they even made a commitment to reach out Bhutan for Christ. Please pray for them.



(For their only safety, their faces were blured)


Some Testimonies from our students:

1. B.B.R. – He is 15 years old. Though he is a pastor’s son, he knew very little about God. The study has helped know many things of the Bible and God. He was also afraid to be baptized. Now he said that he is not afraid anymore. He wants to follow God’s command.

2. D.R.  – He is 17 years old. He came to the seminar with many questions and doubts. He said that attending the seminar helped him to find answer to many of his questions. He realized that he had to know more about God and the Word of God.

3. K.W. – He is 12 years old and the youngest among the group. He says that he was ignorant of the importance of the fellowship in Christian life and was always lazy to attend church services. But after studying Christian life, he decided himself to become regular in the services and grow spiritually.

4. K.R. – She is 15 years old.

5. P.R. – She is 14 years old. Studying Christian life has been an eye-opener for her. It has made her understand what it means to accept Jesus, how to live a good Christian life and be a good witness in the place where she is living. She understood that even being a witness is powerful.

6. R.R. – She is 17 years old. She was always conscious that as a Christian she had to pray to grow spiritually but she had failed to keep her commitment. These classes have helped her know how to overcome temptation and now she is happy that she can overcome obstacles confidently. She wants to serve God.

7. R.R. – She is13 years old.

          In time, a new Youth Seminar has already been scheduled for January 2013 because we believe from the bottom of our hearts that these young leaders are going to make such a change and transformation in Bhutan. They went home with a new commitment to “go and make disciples” among their own people.

          Now, it is up to us to keep them on our daily prayers and to send our seed so their work and dreams can be fulfilled. Thanks for your support to Supplying Seeds Ministries.

           Open your heart and let our God talk to you. Be one of our partners in this project.

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