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The New Champions

Dear Ones

Jardel's Team won the league and after the game Jardel wore his T-shirt. It was a witness to all that were present and watched on TV.


On our last e-mail, we mentioned that Jardel was playing in the Mongolian Football League.


The last games were amazing. To qualify to the semi-final they had to win a game by 3 goals of difference and they were losing 1 to 0 with 10 men against 11, with only 20 minutes left to go.

They managed to score 2 goals in 18 minutes and in the last 2 minutes they scored 2 more to qualify to the semis. They won in the semis and went to the Final last Saturday. The game was live in 2 TV channels in Mongolia. Jardel had a t-shirt saying Jesus 100% in Mongolian to wear after the game.His team won the league. After the game Jardel wore his T-shirt, it was a witness to all that were present and watched on TV.

Inez and the kids were back in Bayankhongor and they had fun watching the game on TV!

After the game they went to a restaurant to celebrate and Jardel was able to witness to some of the players there too. At the end of the party the players and coaches came to say goodbye to Jardel and thank him for all he has done in Mongolia and his contribution to the football. It was very touching, and Lumbee the Capitan of Mongolian National team who also played in the same team came to talk to Jardel. Lumbee has been evangelized for a while by different people. Jardel told him that he should start thinking more seriously about going to a church and follow Jesus, then he answered him: "Is not a time of thinking anymore, I should just go". Keep Lumbee in our prayers....

See the pictures taken by our friend Ian Clark at Media Galery / Social Works'Projects / Mongolia / Soccer School Project 

Thank you all for your prayers and support. All glory be given to our God....

Thank you,
Jardel, Inez, Joshua e Emily

Bayankhongor City


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