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New Challenge In Nepal

Dear Friends and Sowers,

 On June 23rd, 2009, it was signed an agreement with CWARDS (a Nepali social organization)

 through which we are giving 50 scholarships for 50 students, children at risk (or street children or those that work in carpet factories). These scholarships are very inexpensive (about $5 US a month per child) and Supplying Seeds, together with WM (World Mobilization) and you is going to supply these 50 scholarships.

Since August of 2008 we have had contact with CWARDS working toward this agreement. It was arranged but hadn't been put into effect, but now it has been signed, and we have sent the check.

In the scholarship system kids stay with the family (when there are not risks of trafficking, abuse, prostitution, etc.) In this way they can stay in their own environment, in their own village, in their own community, yet been aided with the scholarship and monitored by people from our group. The selected child receives all the materials necessary for study and also receives a monthly tuition which is paid directly to the school nearest their homes.

We have become, then, an organization that is focused not only on restoration but on the real prevention of trafficking. If it were not so, not even 1,000 houses would be sufficient. This has given us much credibility and admiration from the government as well from other organizations.

On these scholarship bags, we are giving: uniform, backpack, school tuition, shoes (2 pairs per year), socks, pens, belt, tie and notebooks. The government supplies the books. This low cost is due to the scholarships being in Nepali government schools in the country side.

On the day we signed the agreement, we explained various details:

1. The efficient nature of the program, because we directly reach 50 children.

2. The fact that the Apple of God's Eyes - WM - SSM is going outside its walls, it means, blessing children that aren't part of its domestic structure.

3. The undeniable fact is that the Apple of God's Eyes Girls are "sharing their bread," blessing children from their own supply and the testimony they have been receiving. Many other lives have been blessed. We have heard many times that "many will find refuge under this tree and eat of its fruit," and this is already happening in a real and practical form. We see that the girls in the leadership were very touched by sharing their bread. Those who previously were abandoned now have been used by God to take care of others. They signed the agreement and we had just participated as witness.

4. We also emphasized the great preventive character of the program. Children who were living on the streets or in factories are now being blessed with a chance to be in a school and staying with their families.

5. The fact that we trust in Nepali people, the national people, to conduct the program enhances the fact that we don't trust in the system but in the good nature of the d people that live in this culture, and that they have been placed by our side. Many of them have been trained by us and received our influence, yet without our domination by helping them.

Now, within two weeks, there will have a ceremony where 50 children and their families will be receiving the scholarships. Children will already be wearing school uniforms and have everything else. CWARDS has the responsibility on monitoring the children at school because they will be under their care, but on our side (Apple of God's eyes, WM & SSM) we will also have contact and monitoring the children and their families.

Hugs, and thanks because you have been standing with us in this victory.

The family of The Apple of God's Eyes Girls, WM & SSM - Nepal

You can see the pictures about this at our Media Gallery, under Child Asistance, Nepal, 50 Scholarships

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Thanks for being a partner and sower in this ministry.
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