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Last Flood in Pakistan

          Greetings from Mercy Angels Pakistan and Supplying Seeds.

           We just want to share with you the latest situation of the water in the villages where we are going regularly to share the Life with them. Yesterday we went there to see people and give them some food items. The situation is getting worse day by day. Some of the villages are totally disconnected from the other areas and surrounded by the water and some villages are going towards that situation.

1. The level of water is increasing.

           The water level is increasing day by day and people are evacuating the villages accordingly, during the evacuation some of the families lost their live stocks, the crops are totally vanished.  People in villages are totally dependable on their crops and live stocks. Their loss of crops and live stock putt them in a terrible condition, they do not have food to eat, seed to sow for the next crops. We can help them by providing them food for some time and seeds for the next crops. If these things will be provided they can come back to their normal lives. Peoples from the Muslim community have the resources and contacts with the Muslim traders to get the financial assistance to cop up the situation but Christian people do not have this facility because of the discrimination.

2. Health conditions are also getting worse.

           Health conditions are also getting worse day by day, people are suffering from water born diseases. Insect bites snake bites are common, malaria is very common because of the mosquito bites. We have seen many children with skin diseases, dirreoha and stomach problem as there is no clean drinking water. Mostly hand pumps are went down in to the water. We need medicines to arrange free medical camps there to provide them first aid to these common diseases.

You can see some pictures at our Media Gallery / Pakistan


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