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Supplying Seeds in Brazil is working with two Social Works Projects, one in Rio de Janeiro, House Of Mary And Martha, and another in Anapolis, State Goias, "Crer&Ser" Project.

We asked the director of "Crer&Ser" Project to tell us about their project.

"The project "Crer&Ser" (Believe&Be) completed four year of existence this April, already registered as a social project.

The project helps children from ages 6 through 16 yrs old. In the moment we have only until 13 yrs old.

We actually have 65 students divided into two periods. The children and the teens stay with us until the period opposite of the school, if they study in the morning they come to the project in the afternoon and vice versa. They receive breakfast and lunch; and a snack in the afternoon period.

Teachings are passed through dynamics, plays, movies and etc...since they also go to school. Until the month of June we count with 5 volunteers to help with class teachings and general work.

Our children receive teaching from the Bible and they are challenged to live a daily Christian life.

We are also helping the community through courses of arts and crafts and other courses, we try to be a bridge between the public service, since we know a lot of people that works in different areas, health, schools, and other things.

We urgently need partners and intercessors.

We had a new directory election in the month of June and our strength was renewed for the next semester.

May God bless you for sowing in our project."

Pr. Edson e Linda Caetano

Crer& Ser Project


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