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Supplying Seeds in Mongolia has been working in partnership with a Brazilian couple, Prs. Jardel and Inez Da Silva and also with a local pastor.

We asked Pr. Jardel to tell us about our ministry with them and that is what we are doing together in Mongolia.

“We are very grateful for partnering with Supplying Seeds Ministries here in Mongolia. We are partners together in many kinds of ministries, such as Discipleship Training; Evangelism; Leadership Training; Church Planting Support; Marriage Ministries and Sport Ministries.

Discipleship Training School

Discipleship Training School is a 5 months course where the students stay internal for 3 months, living, studying and praising God together. During this time the students have the opportunity to grow in their relationship with God and one another.

Every week we have one teacher coming from different parts of Mongolia and the World. Pastor Joliam from Supplying Seeds Ministries is one of the most requested speakers. He comes at least once a year since we started the School in 2006.

Supplying Seeds is committed to us to make Disciples of Christ to all Nations. They are helping in our ministry supporting financially and with the training of our local leaders and workers . After the lecture phase, the students go to strategic places in Mongolia; they preach the Gospel, ministry people, Christian and unchristian.

One of the focuses during the Discipleship Training School is leadership and Church planting. Half of our students that come to do the training have a vision to be church planters. Some of them are already in church planting leadership. After the graduation, they go back to their Mission field and we keep supporting them in their needs.


Marriage Ministry

One of the most needed Ministries in Mongolia, besides the Discipleship is Marriage counseling. We believe that a Husband and wife are the foundation of the Family and the family is the foundation of the society. We started a Marriage course to supply this need and reach out families in Mongolia.

Supplying Seeds is engaged with us to reach out families.

Sport Ministry

Soccer or Football is one of the most growing sports in Mongolia. It is a tool that can reach out many young people for Christ.

We started a Sport Ministry in 2003 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital, and today we have the club in 3 different States of Mongolia.

Supplying Seeds Ministries have been one of our Supporters. They have been supporting the ministry with Equipments which is very needed and important to reach out people. Supplying Seeds is one of our first Supporters and partners.

We thank God for our relationship and friendship. Without their help things would be much harder in our ministry.”


If you desire to be our partner with SSM, just go to Donations and send us your missions' donations to Supplying Seeds. Together we can make difference in Mongolia.

Supplying Seeds Board of Directors