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Helping Local Workers

Supplying Seeds is committed not only to go and make Disciples of Christ to all Nations but also to supply local workers with financial seeds so they can work and dedicate more of their time taking care of God’s Kingdom expansion in their places.

We do not provide them with a monthly salary, but a monthly offering is given to them so their main needs can be met. Now, around 60 leaders and pastors from six different countries are been supported by Supplying Seeds Ministries and Local Ministries in these countries.

When we think about support a missionary we usually think about thousands of dollars, and because of this most people are doing nothing, but if you go to some countries, you will find out that it is not necessarily true. Most of the workers we help are supported with an offering that goes from US$ 10 to US$150. So with only this much you can provide a monthly support for a local worker in most of the countries we work in.

If you desire to be our partner with SSM, just go to Donations and send us your missions' donations to Supplying Seeds. Together we can make difference in their lives.

Supplying Seeds Board of Directors