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          Nepal is located in southern Asia and it is bordered by China to the North and India to the West, South, and East. Metal resources for Nepal include copper, cobalt and iron ore. Some of the important fuel resources are hydropower and small deposits of lignite. Other natural resources in Nepal include quartz, water, timber and the scenic beauty of the country.

          Nepal has numerous natural hazards, some of which are drought, severe thunderstorms, flooding, landslides, and famine depending on the timing, intensity, and duration of the summer monsoons. Nepal has numerous environmental issues. Concerning the land is the overuse of wood for fuel (due to a lack of alternatives), which has led to deforestation. In addition is the need for wildlife conservation. The country's water is contaminated with agricultural runoff, industrial effluents, and human and animal wastes. Nepal also has a problem with vehicular emissions.

         Nepal population today is around 29,391,883 people (July 2011 EST.). It is a country that according to UN is ranked in the 138th position with "Low Human Development". Their research shows that the Life Expectancy At Birth is 65 years and only 48.6% of its population in age 15 and over can read and write (male: 62.7% , female: 34.9%).

        Supplying Seeds in Nepal is standing with two Nepali social organizations, World Mobilization and CWARDS (Children Welfare and Rural Development Service). On June 23rd, 2009, it was signed an agreement with CWARDS through which we are giving 100 scholarships for 100 students in Kathmandu area, children at risk of going as sexual salves, street children or those that work in carpet factories.

        These scholarships are very inexpensive (about US$5 (five) a month per child) and Supplying Seeds, together, with World Mobilization are supplying scholarships to 100 kids. By the way, World Mobilization has other partner in this program of scholarships and they have been giving 1.000 more scholarships. In the scholarship system, kids stay with the family (when there are not risks of trafficking, abuse, prostitution, etc.) In this way they can stay in their own environment, in their own village, in their own community, yet been aided with the scholarship and monitored by people from World Mobilization group. The selected child receives all the materials necessary for study and also receives a monthly tuition which is paid directly to the school nearest their homes.

         On these scholarship bags, we are giving: uniform, backpack, school tuition, shoes (2 pairs per year), socks, pens, belt, tie and notebooks. It is also placed in the bag a card with some phone number in case of Sexual Harassment or Abuse. The government supplies the books. This low cost is due to the scholarships being in Nepali government schools in the country side.

         If you desire to be our partner with SSM, just go to Donations and send us your missions' donations to Supplying Seeds. Together we can make difference in Nepal.

Supplying Seeds Board of Directors