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We are not only, helping, supporting and giving to local workers an offering, we are also committed and preaching the Gospel in those countries.

Every time we go to those places, we are scheduled to go to churches and preach to them. It can happen in big churches with 300 members but also in churches with less than 20 members. Churches located from the country’s capital until to the ends of the earth, in small villages and churches in the mountains. Going to some churches can take from one to four hours driving in unpaved roads or in narrow ones that looks almost impossible for one car to be there.

Every trip is a challenge. You never know what can happen to you or with you. Don’t forget, to preach in those countries is forbidden by national law. It is a crime to convert a Hindu to Christian.

People come from everywhere, anytime to hear the life changing message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Words only are not enough, in many cases, miracles only are the divine tools to convince people of God’s power. They say they have enough gods and goddess, so they need to see a supernatural divine intervention so they can taste how powerful our God is.


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